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Code of Conduct - Parent/Guardian Declaration


PROGRAM ATTENDANCE. Where possible program dates are given well in advance. We believe that all students must be seriously committed to attend all sessions and rehearsals when scheduled. Any apologies must be submitted in writing at lease four weeks prior to a performance when attending an ECA program. We understand that there can be date clashes and circumstances that prevent students from attending programs or rehearsals, hence the four-week cut-off clause. It is imperative that parents/guardians and students understand rehearsal and performance schedules are detailed in advance so they can negotiate non-attendance at performances in a professional manner.

STUDENT DECLARATION I/we hereby accept a place on behalf of the student as listed in the program as registered. I have explained the companies “Code of Conduct” to the student and assure they will undertake to abide by the rules as stated.

 The student listed has been informed and understands that attendance at an Acting Antics program is compulsory and they understand that a high level of program commitment is required at all times. It is also understood that at program uniform when applicable (including dance shoes when appropriate) must be worn at all times.

 I am aware that failure to abide by these rules may result in a request to leave the program or expulsion from the program completely.


If a child's behaviour seriously affects the safety or enjoyment of others, parents will be contacted and asked to make alternative arrangements for their child.

We authorise the person in charge of the event, in the case of illness or accident, to seek any medical, hospital or ambulance services (or chosen alternative of parent/guardian).

We agree that Syon Performing Arts Pty Ltd T/A Acting Antics will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may occur to this student or there belongings during the hours of the production.

We acknowledge liability for payment of all outstanding fees.

We give permission for photos taken during courses to be used on the website and other social media and promotional materials.

We, the Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s), that are named on this application, declare that the information given is correct and hereby apply for a place in the described production.

I understand that Acting Antics reserve the right to restrict admission at it's own discretion.

Parent/Guardian Declaration

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