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Empowering-Encouraging-Challenging Simply, making a difference

Acting Antics is a performance based theatre company that empowers and encourages students to become individuals while working in a group environment in pursuit of shared goals

Acting Antics provides an innovative skill based learning process embracing “Self Discovery Through Performance” TM through the medium of live theatre. Acting Antics delivers an effective outcome that nurturers the individual, builds confidence, sharpens communication skills and improves knowledge while developing the use of every day language skills; all elements that help build future school and community leaders.


Key Outcomes & objectives:

  • Increasing self confidence & self respect
  • Improving public speaking & presentation skills
  • Contributing as an individual to a group environment
  • Pursuing individual and shared goals
  • Encouraging leadership opportunities
  • Developing respect for individual differences, abilities & needs
  • Fluency in speaking & understanding interactive English
  • Learning to think in clear English

Does my child need to have any experience? No experience is expected and no established skill level is required. Our experienced Directors create a nurturing yet stimulating environment that encourages and extends students of all levels of experience.

Can my child join a program at any time? After school programs takes new students up to and including week 20 of our 32+ Unit programs. Following this, auditions for roles in the end of year production will have been completed and cast.

“Holiday Camps” Kids theatre camps are on a first in basis and have strictly limited numbers.

Can I choose which class my child will go into? You are able to nominate the class you would like your child to participate in, providing your child is of a suitable age and level and there is space in the class. The final placement will be at the discretion of the Director in Charge.

Can I attend a class to see if an Acting Antics program is suitable for my child? Due to our class “safety” policy, and to avoid distracting students working or rehearsing in a class, we do not encourage viewing of classes by prospective students or parents. Any concerns with course content or delivery are to be directed to the Director in Charge. The quality of the schools we currently run in and the long term attendance of many of our students is testimony to the quality of our programs and our Directors.

Can my child nominate to be in one of his/her friend’s classes? Providing your child is of the same age and ability as his/her friend, and there is space in the chosen class, we are able to place friends in the same class.

Participation: By completing a registration parents agree to support their child’s participation in all activities offered by Acting Antics. We have found that active involvement by the family in the process of line learning and music learning can be very beneficial to the student and great fun for all.

Supervision: At all Acting Antics venues is only guaranteed for 15 minutes after the conclusion of the rehearsal, session or program. Supervision provided after this time will incur a Supervision fee per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Does my child have to audition to attend Acting Antics? No, absolutely not. Every child is welcome at Acting Antics.

What happens at a “Kids Theatre Holiday production” audition?  At acting Antics there are no pre-auditions; every child receives a role with dialogue. Our Directors use their expertise to ensure your child receives a role appropriate to their ability and confidence level. The auditions for either “Black Box Theatre” term 4 productions or “Kids Theatre” holiday productions are done “in-house” in a comfortable environment and although part of the learning experience are designed to be fun.

How many students are in each class? “Kids Theatre” holiday plays are written for up to 30+ students and musical theatre workshops for 14, with an age group of 7yrs to 12 yrs.

ECA after school programs are designed for 12 to 20 students in the following age groups

Act I            4 years to 5 years

Act II           6 years to 8 years

Act III          9 years to 12 years

Finale          13 years +

What do students do each week? Acting Antics provides students with a 32 week specially designed curriculum based program of units that covers dramatic skills such as Movement, Mime, Voice, Improvisation, Characterization, Stage Craft, Auditioning, and Performance. Students put these skills to use rehearsing and performing a scripted play written specifically for the age group and ability of each class.

How often do you do staged performances? “Kids Theatre” holiday camps students perform up to 5 musical theatre workshops or plays per venue per year.

ECA after school students performs twice a year. The first “presentation” performance takes place at week 16 and a staged performance takes place in week 32 of the program.

Performances: Student performances are generally free of charge to family, friends and the wider community

Term Dates & Times: Term dates (Seasons) and times are available online and produced in our bi-annual magazine

Do classes continue during the school holidays? “Black Box Theatre” programs only run during term time. “Kids Theatre” holiday productions are specially designed to give our students the opportunity to perform live in costume each holiday period.

Public Holidays Classes are NOT held on public holidays. Our 32 week BBT program allows us the flexibility to accommodate public holidays and still fit into the school calendar year. There will be no refund or make up class in the case of closure resulting from governmental or school intervention.

Do I need to sign up each term? No, you are automatically signed up unless you give us written notice of withdrawal in line with our cancellation policy on the Withdrawal/Refund form available online at

Uniform A program uniform gives students a sense of professionalism and reinforces the nature of performance as a group activity. Dance programs consist of a Black T-shirt featuring the Acting Antics logo plus a pair of black dance trousers and black jiffy shoes.

‘Kids Theatre Holiday Camps” Red T-shirt featuring the Acting Antics logo are available but not compulsory

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